Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TNR Report

Another working ride. This time, the task was to settle on the course for the 2009 FGBC - RRR Challenge Windup Party and Double-or-Nothing Race. There were three options on the table: (1) the track option at Vimy Ridge Park; (2) the road/cyclocross option at Omand's Creek; and (3) the road/singletrack option, following the river toward the Leg and back. We rode the first two, and talked about the third. The winner: Vimy Ridge. So it will be six hours of short, sub-minute, laps. This will be good for the cheering and the heckling. But I hope someone has an extra large abacus. The biggest challenge may well be in keeping track of the number of laps. Then again, if the kids who were there firing bottle rockets at us show up again on Saturday, that could prove to be a significant challenge as well. Either way, it will be awesome. Now we just have to figure out which bike to use. Any thoughts?

The host site is my place, with the Fraggle's cave serving as an overflow option. Families are welcome to attend as well. There will be a dogfest. So bring dogs and buns. We will make a pot of chili. A couple of additional pots of chili would probably be a good idea as well. Any takers? And, of course, bring something to quench your thirst. Unlike the silken-voiced boys from Trooper, we're here for both a good time and a long time.

Not only did Vimy Ridge get the nod as a fitting site for Saturday's festivities. It was also nominated as a venue for a future off-the-grid cx race when Little Luc and Jonny G confirmed the potential awesomeness of a spider web run-up.

Among the various reasons for rejecting the Omand's Creek venue, perhaps the one that loomed the largest was the discovery that burrs have a certain fondness for the Impaler.

But then, who isn't fond of the Impaler? Still, six hours of burr magnetism was deemed sufficiently problematic that it was best avoided for now.

After the scouting mission, we rode a lap of Ass Park before retiring to the klubhaus. Happily, it was back to its usual Tuesday night state of desolation. Even happier, we arrived to find the Lethbridge chapter (or at least the moustachioed half of it) sitting at the table. He was accompanied by Jonny B and Dallas, who has now braved the long journey from St Vital twice this year. With two veterans of the original instantiation of the 24 Hour race at Falcon Lake in attendance, there was plenty of discussion concerning the race that is sure to be the highlight of 2010.

And then KK showed up to tell us that the reason he didn't show up for the ride was that he'd been hit by a car. By a former classmate no less. That is poor form.

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