Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TNR Report

Let's start with the strange. The F&H was an altogether different beast last night. The humble and tranquil gathering place we have come to love was transformed into a boisterous meeting place of the tight jeans and cotton t-shirt crowd. Wierd. There were a few who did not receive the memo on the night's preferred outfit, apparently, such as the dude sporting the classic Bomber jacket and hoodie combo who was sitting at the table next to ours. And us, for that matter. But we were clearly outnumbered on this particular night. Let's hope it was a one-time aberration. Because otherwise, we will have to go searching for a new klubhaus. And that would be a lot of work.

We had a sense that something was different when we got to the parking lot and noticed it was full of cars. That there was also a steady stream of rather loud and obnoxious people streaming in only served to confirm our suspicions that something out of the ordinary was up. We are a perceptive bunch. But still, we were not at all prepared for what we found when we walked through the doors. It was packed to the gills. Not only did we not get our regular table. We were lucky to find a place to sit at all. Thankfully, Halberto had arrived a little earlier to claim a table in the corner, where we sat hip-to-hip and engaged in the usual range of stimulating topics. And not only was it full. It was also loud. Very loud. This was on account of it being the final round of the F&H's battle of the bands competition. We didn't even know there was such a thing. Unfortunately the volume level of the various bands was not matched by the quality of their music. Although the tunes at the F&H are usually pretty decent, we have had to suffer through some stinker playlists from time to time. But this one had to rank up there as one of the alltime poor nights, as far as the tunes are concerned. Too bad Vic wasn't there. He no doubt would have rallied the troops for the FGBC Choir to make its debut performance. As it it, that will have to wait for another occasion.

Also strange was a fox sighting in the parking lot. It was witnessed by Cousin Adam, Colin, and the poosher when they stepped outside for some fresh air. They say it sauntered out between some parked cars and headed across the parking lot toward Route 90. Wierd.

On the way home, Graham and I ran into Jonny G, who was returning from a night of post-game chit-chat with the volleyball set. It was already late. But we a late night was made even later on account of this spontaneous roadside meeting.

As for the ride itself, it was on the smallish side. Just Gianni, The Cricket, the Young Carpenter, and myself. We decided to make it a working ride. We headed on over to scout out the proposed site of the annual winter 24 hour race, aka the Poosher's Palace. It is coming along nicely. It almost looks like a house again. And the wide open living quarters on the second floor make it seem like a perfect venue. We have approved it as a potential venue. Now all we need to do is sort through the various proposals and make a final decision on the site for this year's event.

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