Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

The last race . . . sniff . . . of the 2009 Manitoba Cyclocross Series takes place on Sunday. It has been more awesome than any of us expected, and we're not due to have this much fun again until the Spring Ride commences in 203 days. Halberto and Co. are planing a race that should conclude the season on a note that is a fitting reflection of the awesomeness of the season in general.

Poker? Haiku? It sounds like someone is getting excited about Nordic Cross. The next season is coming soon. But first we have to finish this one. I'm sure Halberto would be happy if some FGBCers and RRRers wanted to show up and help with set-up, etc.

With a lead of almost 500 points in the 2009 FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge, the overall title is not exactly on the line. But our winning streak in the cx races is. So is our streak of 100+ point performances. RRR would no doubt love to finish the season on a winning note. To that end, KK is all set to return for the last race of the season. They may even think they have a home field advantage of sorts, with the race being in Kildonan Park. How badly does the dark side wish to deny them of that pleasure?

Also on the line are some hotly contested battles for individual bragging rights. For example, the Impaler, the Cricket, and Jonny G are all separated by just 13 points. Craig is currently leading that trio with 304 points, followed by Brad (299) and Jonny G (291). Larry and Cousin Adam also find themselves in a close race. The Diminutive one currently leads that one by just 3 points, 138 to 135. And the President has an opportunity to overtake the Secretary. They are at 44 and 57 points, respectively. But with the Secretary away recording music in village somewhere in Kenya, the President has a good opportunity to pick up the 14 points needed to win that battle. Or maybe Cousin Thomas will show up and beat them both. He currently has 53 points.

There are no doubt all kinds of other sub-plots that could be interesting to explore. The full breakdown of individual point totals is as follows:

Chris H 478
Jonny G 291
LeAnn 280
Craig 304
Adam 135
Paddy 50
Naomi 28
Jonny S 29
Penner 44
Darryl 57
Vic 143
Matt 4
Thomas 53
Luke E 35
Charlene 116
Rachel 22
Unger 77

Mike 408
Kevin 251
Brad 299
Gilles 183
Larry 138
Chris D 100
Michelle 140
Kyle 0
Dennis 10
Artur 109
Tanis 16
Loren 18


Brad the Impaler said...

Cousin Adam tells me he is racing Sunday. So there is yet another sub plot with beverage implications to play out.

Adam said...

Yeah. And while the park does lie along the Red River, so did the races in St Boniface and King's Park, and with the Secretary, President and I all residing within spitting distance, I'm not sure we should concede any some turf advantage. (Kildonan Park was also the site of the 24 hours of Cohen, a decidedly fgbc affair).

Adam said...

That's HOME turf advantage.

Anonymous said...

Someone spat on me during the race.

Adam said...

Like, accidentally? That's gross, but it happens sometimes in a race. Or do you mean on purpose? There were a LOT of people in the park, I hope there were no altercations/complaints.

Brad the Impaler said...

I was there for set up at 9, stunk up the B race, then marshaled the A race and tore down later. I talked to lots of folks and they all seemed quite fine with us being there. But I only talked to people walking.

Maybe those who had to wait in there cars for four seconds at the exit to the parking lot got huffy, but I didn't notice anything. There's something about driving that brings out the best in us.


Is that like a second class princess?