Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halberto Goes to the Fair

Just as Nys beat Albert and Stybar in the real race, so Halberto triumphed over Jonny B and Jay at the FGBC's not-so-real version of the Jaarmarktcross (i.e., Fun-Fair Cross?) today in Niel. That's the second win of the season for the shifty one. And the second time Jonny B finished second to Halberto as well. Jay continues his recent run of good vicarious form with another podium finish. But Gary was only 55 points back, so he didn't close the gap by much.

In the overall race, the top six spots remain unchanged. As do the bottom seven. In between, however, there was a lot of shuffling around.

Full results here.


Olli said...

I "watched" the race and have been under the impression that Prins Albert (heehee) won. My feverish brain just refused to understand that the King is back.

Anonymous said...

Where are the results from Kildonan?

The Dark Lord said...

On the Olympia site.