Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Hey winter. Yes. Winter. Don't bring that weak-ass shit into our house. This TNR poster was supposed to directed at those . . . how shall we say . . . losers whose weakness places them at the margins of the proud and mighty TNR tradition. You know, those so-called FGBCers who mysteriously disappear when the snow accumulates and the mercury heads south and leave Craig and the Impaler to ride around in the cold all by themselves. But now it seems the message is best directed at Old Man Winter himself. What are you afraid of? I hauled out my winter bike last night. For this smattering of tiny flakes? Come on. It is December. Nordic Cross is supposed to begin in less than two weeks. Giddy up.

We may not get the snow we were promised. But we will ride anyway. Just like we always do. 9:30 pm at my place.


Tom K said...

I'm on call tonight, but barring a pager spike I will be there to ride and spill more of the beans about a new MTB race location for 2010 ... oh yah!


luke enns said...


Brad the Impaler said...

Have fun boys.

luke enns said...

still working on getting the boys in bed. might have to join up mid ride.