Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TNR Report

That was cold. And yet with evenly spaced breaks to warm up, not so bad. The ride from the TNR HQ to Espresso Junction was tolerable. But the pre-race espresso very easily could have become the main event.

And yet we decided to soldier on with the plan to race.

We pretty much had the Forks to ourselves. That is, until Tristan showed up on his unicycle to cheer and do tricks.

The race involved 10 laps of a course that led us down to the docks and back up to the ice rink. It ended up being a bit of a leg burner. But between burt legs and frozen digits, it all kind of equalled out it the end.

It was a close one between the Cricket and me. The Cricket made his move on lap 6 and looked to have things under control. On the final lap, I tried to pass on the inside while heading down the ramp. He swerved and I had to hit the brakes. But that Cricket is such a nice fellow. He got himself caught up in Cousin Thomas's ice patch and handed over the lead. He almost made it back. But not quite. I suspect, however, that he will have plenty of opportunity for revenge. Now that he's discovered he's fast, his appetite for kicking our asses has becoming insatiable. Luke rode a strong race to grab the final podium step. KK had the green machine out. But the beefy 29er didn't do him any favours in his quest for another wearable trophy.


Chris - 10 points
Craig - 9
Luke - 8
Graham - 7
Thomas - 6
Kevin - 5

After the race, another warm up session was in order. By the time Thomas was finished regaling us with the story of his on-the-job ass puncture incident, our fingers and toes were sufficiently thawed. And so we proceeded over to the klubhaus, where Crowbar was on hand to greet us. He was as impressed as ever with our resolve in the face of the deep freeze. This led to a round of Crowbar reminiscence. And yet we avoided eye contact, so as not to encounter another round of awkwardness. The tunes were better than they have been over the last little several. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that we had the tatooed server for the first time in a while. Until Steve Miller showed up on the hi fi, that is. This led the Secretary rather quizically to wonder whether his musical tastes are in fact superior to those of the younger generation or whether he was just lucky to be born at the right time. Thomas, at any rate, wasn't able to identify anything that moved him. But it is not entirely clear where that left us. Vic changed the subject by giving us a rundown on earplugs. And the Impaler gave us a rundown on his recent dinner theatre performance. Jonny G did not show up.


g said...

stomach flu.

barf, barf, barf.

I was the last of our family to contract the spew virus.

I feel much better now.

Brad the Impaler said...

There were several very cold Tuesdays last year when it was very hard to leave Espresso Junction. It pretty much was the ride. Then the Cricket and I would ride down the river directly to the klubhaus and trade beer for coffee. Good times.

Had I known that the Challenge was to come and the cold weather riding was helping to forge a cx monster, I would have pushed him into the snow. Or something.

Cricket said...

You missed your opportunity Impaler. Now that the transformation is complete, you can do nothing but cry out for mercy; but mercy you shall not receive!

wv: comet

the secretary said...

thanks a lot Brad... you should have crushed him at that time... but now he's awesome and he's ours, and look, you even have him blurting things out on the blog... with a bit of your help, he's going to be writing all of the posts here from now on.

Brad the Impaler said...

This aggression will not stand, man.