Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yes Darryl, you're still 23rd

But at the same time, you're just behind the Cricket.

Halberto won the vicarious version of the GVA race today in Essen. He picked up 340 points thanks to Albert, Nys, and Franzoi. Jay was second with 315 points. Jonny B and me tied for third. We had 290 points each. Tony H, the Vice-President of Style, had a grand total of zero points. But he's always been more about looking handsome than securing points anyway.

In the overall race, there was no change to the top three. But King Andy has leapfrogged Dallas to move into 4th overall. And Chris O has switched places with Prince Dan, moving up to 6th place

Full results here.

There are three races on the docket for tomorrow. One in Overijse, Belgium. One in Wetzikon, Switzerland. And, of course, the big one in snowy Bend. It's looking very Nordic Cross-ish out there (via AHTBM):

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