Monday, December 07, 2009

Southern Invasion

Lock your office doors boys and girls. Bull City Cycling has taken control of the building. Chris and Jay from our sister club down in Durham combined to make it a weekend sweep for BCC in the 2009-10 FGBC CX Pool. Who invited those guys to play anyway? Chris had a home filed advantage of sorts in Portland. And he made the most of it, finding the top podium step on both Saturday and Sunday. Having an in-form Todd Wells back on his team didn't hurt either. Meanwhile, over in Spain, Jay's combination of Stybar, Albert, Page, Franzoi, and Chainel added up to 645 points and another impressive victory.

In the overall race, there was no change to the top three. Gary still has a lead of 1300 points. That should be good enough. But Gary is still working to get better. He travelled to Portland this weekend to get some tips from the pros. Dallas has moved ahead of Andy for 4th. Chris O has moved up into 7th, bumping Vic down a spot to 8th. And Jonah has cracked the top 10 at the expense of Charlene.

Full results here.


the secretary said...

Is this almost over? I haven't moved a position in the last 7 reckonings. I think the Nordic Cross standings will be far more interesting.

Brad the Impaler said...
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co2cycle said...

he's back!

The Dark Lord said...

Dr Wells? Is that like Cheerwine?

co2cycle said...

i think it's more like a Dr. Pepper rip-off. i thought it was a supermarket house brand, but according to the interweb, it's been around since 1935.

what do canadians call carbonated refreshment beverages? soda? pop? non-Labatt's liquid substance?

The Dark Lord said...

Soft drinks. Where "soft" means "not beer."