Sunday, December 27, 2009


Gary and Jay reasserted their dominance in Zolder yesterday. Gary tallied 725 points to win the 7th round of the World Cup. Jay was right behind with 705 points. Olli had 695 points, finishing third.

There was only one change in the top 10. Halberto moved ahead of Dallas to take 9th place. But down at the other end of the standings, we did get some much anticipated excitement. The Secretary has become dislodged from 23rd place. He now sits in 24th, 10 points behind KK. That battle should be worth paying attention to as the season winds down. The Secretary has been trying to get under the skin of the smiling face of RRR for some time now. There hasn't been a Tuesday night at the klubhaus over the last little while that hasn't featured some sort of comment about the superiority of a social club to a narrowly oriented racing outfit. KK has not yet taken the bait. The Impaler, however, has bitten so frequently that his jaw is starting to swell. That guy loves him some bait. Which is why we love him. Meanwhile, Paddy inches closer to the cellar that the Young Carpenter has been renovating for the past few months. Sitting in 7th from last after the US Nationals, the Alberta chapter has been in a free fall ever since. He's now only 420 points ahead of Graham.

In the real race, for the first time this season the top podium step was occupied by someone other than Albert, Nys, or Stybar won. Kevin Pauwels pulled off a surprise victory. Nice.

Full results here.

Next up: Superprestige in Diegem. It starts at 10 am. Which is night time in Belgium. Watch here.


Anonymous said...

Two things:

My cousin Joey is playing a show Tuesday night at the Pyramid. He's in three bands including The Waking Eyes, and they're all playing. Yikes. I'm going after the ride. Who will join me?

And secondly:

g said...'s a great way to stay in shape.