Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sylvester CX

Gianni wins his first vicarious cx race of the year, just as Dieter Vanthourenhout won his first real race of the season. It was thanks to Vanthourenhout, in fact, that Gianni wound up on the top podium step. His win combined with Albert's third-place finish netted 250 points for Gianni. Brad the Impaler was second with 215 points. And Jay found the podium for the third consecutive race. He had 190 points.

In the overall race, Jay gained another 90 points on Gary. It's just over 1000 points now. That sounds like a lot. But Jay has narrowed the gap by 430 points in the last three races. So maybe Gary will have a fight on his hands yet. We can always hope. The Secretary has moved 100 points ahead of KK and is now just 105 points behind the Cricket. And all of a sudden it looks like Graham may escape from the cellar. Paul is only 130 points ahead. Jonny G and Matt are not far away either.

Full results here.


Gary S said...

Sven Nys' top 3 reasons for not showing up:
3) C2's not worth the effort
2) Only races for FGBC glory. Plans entire season around the FGBC vicarious calendar and Sylvester Cross wasn't on it
1) No Fort Garry Dark Ale for the winners!


The Dark Lord said...

Putting up stakes and tape for his own race on Jan. 1?

Gary S said...

Need to get a head start. Setting up a course with a New Year's Eve hangover is brutal. All that pounding!!