Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yesterday's race in Middelkerke gave us a podium that looked a bit different than what we've been seeing lately. We've seen Jay and Gary up there a lot in the last little while. But Gary was a mid-packer yesterday, and Jay finished in a three-way tie for fifth last. It El Presidente's turn to spray the champagne yesterday. He notched his second win of the season, and first since Sept. 27. Bill hasn't been on the podium since Oct. 17. But he stood on the second step yesterday. And Charlene also made a return to the podium for the first time in a while. She's been too busy sewing cycling caps. But yesterday she put that aside to concentrate on finishing third.

Nys won the real race. U23 stud Tom Meeusen was second. And Klaas Vantornout finished third. Albert and Stybar sat this one out. Jamie Driscoll put in a solid effort, finishing 11th. And Powers was 17th. So some are starting to pick up points from the Americans who have shifted their attention over to Europe.

Full results here

Up next: World Cup #7 in Zolder on Boxing Day.

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