Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Are you planning to race on Sunday? Vic needs to know. Sooner rather than later. Comment below please. No comment, no racing.

Vic and Juan are planning a recon ride this afternoon. They say you are welcome to join them. 1 pm at the Junk-shon.

Confirmed riders so far:

Juan (2007 champ)
Jonny B (defending champ)
Jonny G
Hal (inaugural champ)
John Paul

All previous winners will be back for one more shot at glory. That tells you a little something about how important this race is.

Make sure to click on the poster to appreciate the detail of Pieter Bruegel's fine artwork.

Post-recon ride update:

Sweet course. There will be stairs to ride down, hills to run up, some snowy single track, some fast sections, and something not unlike the whorl. It is a little longer than usual. You won't want to do the full six laps. So eating at least two plates is essential.


KK said...


Brad the Impaler said...


JP said...

see you sunday!

The Dark Lord said...


Tom K said...

Not back in the game until next week.

Have fun and get fat!!

JP said...

stupid question- east india company at the York location or is there still a Chutneys' at the Forks proper?

the secretary said...

hi John Paul, the York location is assumed whether it exists at the Forks or not.

Oh, I'm in.

luke enns said...

i'm in to win.