Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Just in time for winter, we have a Nordic Cross calendar. The season will look something like this:

Dec. 19 - Gluttony
Jan. 3 - Anger/Wrath
Jan. 24 - Lust/Extravagance
Feb. 7 - Envy
Feb. 13-14 - Sloth (aka the FGBC 24 hour race and film festival)
Feb. 28 - Greed/Avarice
Mar. 14 - Pride

Given the journey we are about to embark on, you might want to keep this in mind:

While we are talking calendars, draw a big cicrle around March 6. That is the date for the 5th annual Tour of Altona/Duke vs. Carolina showdown. Johnny S is already busy cooking up all kinds of treats for us. And David may well have a bunch of rink dogs already warming in the over too.


Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

This year the Rocktona winter classic falls on a Saturday, not the usual Sunday. This increases the fun factor significantly. And with rink-dogs, its bound to be a gooder. JS

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can have all the other races fall on a Saturday and not a Sunday?

The Dark Lord said...

Probably not. But we might be able to mix it up a bit. The races, by the way, are always in the evening--except for the 24 hour race. Nordic Cross racing is a night-time discipline.

Olli said...

Sunday night is my most-off-time of the week. If I move, I move very very slowly and only between our couch and the fridge. Mix it up!

El Presidente said...


Dogs are cookin' up as we speak...slow roasting to glorious perfection.

juan eppstein said...

My apologies to Vic, but I can't make the Gluttony event now that it is in December. I have too many other gluttonous events that month, one of which is on the 19th. The discussion at the F & H the other week was that this would happen in January.