Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spin City

What happened at the Belgium Club stays at the Belgian Club. It wasn't necessarily pretty. Unless your name was Dave Pitcher. He remains the man to beat on the rollers. In the end, the Impaler didn't mount much of a challenge at all. But he did provide some thrills in a couple of very close losing efforts against the young carpenter that were easily the most exciting matches of the evening. Voted best loser of the night, he kept advancing in order to keep the numbers even. And he almost made it to the semi-finals. In the end, however, neither he nor the FGBC trio of the Cricket, Jonny G, and me did not get anywhere close to the podium. But the Cricket and I happily walked aways with some prizes that Pitcher generously donated.

That was a lot of fun. But my legs sure feel like they raced for more than 75 seconds. We managed to fanagle a scheduling change. The next couple of events will take place on Tuesday nights. And they will start a little later too. Much more FGBC friendly. That means we have to show up. And maybe kick a little ass.

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Brad the Impaler said...

Sore legs this morning
It was the Dave Pitcher show
Snow falling on leaves