Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TNR Report

It was another working ride. We are such an industrious bunch. This time around Halberto enlisted our help in thinking through the possibilities for the course that will serve to determine this year's collection of provincial cyclocross champions. In good Canuck form, there will be a hockey rink ride-through. And that hill to the south of the park? There isn't much of it that won't be used. But perhaps the biggest thrill of all comes in the form of what they are referring to as the death spiral. This initiative comes from our friend from Vancouver who joined us for last week's ride. It will be dizzying, but delightful. All in all, the preliminary course design looks good. Very good.

Back at the klubhaus, imagine our elation when we pulled into the parking lot and discovered evidence that the poosher might be present. Indeed, he was warming up the seats with Jonny B when we walked in the door. He reports that the Pinedale project is proceeding nicely. They are taping the drywall. And after a while, he even got to talking about bike racing again. He's not back yet. But we have reason to believe that the much anticipated return journey will commence shortly. So excited did he get, in fact, that by the end of the evening he'd submitted a bid to host the annual winter 24 hour race. He has a brand new big-screen television that sounds like a perfect fit for the film screening portion of the race. This location would allow us to construct yet another new course--the fourth different course in the four year history of this venerable event. It would feature the much beloved river trail, the Forks, and Whittier Park. And it only gets better: there would be not only one but two Sals per lap! It all sounds very promising. But he's got to get the house finished first.

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