Friday, October 30, 2009

Old School CX, Part II

Cyclocross is awesome. We all know that. But apparently it used to be much, much awesomer. We got a sense of that a few weeks back with that video of the national cyclocross championships in Coventry. And it is only confirmed with this video of a race in Montmarte in 1945. Long stair run-ups. And in general, very urban. Not unlike your average FGBC Tuesday Night Race. It leaves us with plenty of ideas. And as soon as the official cx season is over, we'll put some of those ideas to good use.

And don't miss this one. It is not embeddable. But is perhaps even more awesome yet.


luke enns said...

sweet vid. i look forward to more races with you guys.

on another note... my second son came thursday night at 9 pm. his name is Rocky Abram Enns. 8.5 pounds. totally healthy. i got boys! see yous around.

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. JS

g said...

Super Sweet.

look forward to meeting him.

The Dark Lord said...

Right on.