Sunday, October 04, 2009

CX Pool: Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend in the 2009-10 FGBC CX Pool. The NACT Series continued in New England. And the European vicarious racing season finally started too, with the first World Cup race of the season in Treviso, where extra points were up for grabs.

Happily, we had three different winners. And each of them won for the first time this season. Bill took the win on Saturday with an impressive 425 point showing. Adam and Graham rounded out the podium, with 355 and 305 points, respectively. Jonah came up with the right combination in Treviso. All four of his men finished in the top 20, with Stybar, Vantornout and Mourey in the top 5. He also got 150 points from Compton, who won the women's race. It all added up to 740 points and a big win. Not bad for a five year old. Jay was second, with 700 points. And last year's CX Pool Champ, Gary, had 645 points to finish third. Back in New England this afternoon, we had a repeat of the podium from Saturday. But this time Cousin Adam came out on top. He finished just ahead of Bill, 375 to 365, and takes his first victory of the CX Pool. Once again, Graham rounded out the podium, with a 330 point day.

If we were to treat the weekend as a mini stage race, our winner would be Jay. He had 1120 points over the three races to move himself into the mix for the overall. After today, he sits just off the podium. Olli had 1075 points, and Jonah was third best on the weekend with 1020 points.

Dallas took over the overall lead from Matt on Saturday. And he hung onto it throughout the weekend. His 2605 points make him the top dog in the CX Pool right now. Matt held onto his podium spot. He sits just 35 points back of Dallas. And Olli is just 100 points shy of the top spot. Jay is the best of the rest.

Finally, it should be noted that Chris A has managed to claw his way out of the cellar. That dubious honour now belongs to Naomi, of the FGBC's Lethbridge Chapter.

Full results here.

If this weekend seemed full, next weekend will be positively gluttonous. There is a veritable feast of vicarious cx racing on tap. The Europeans go at it twice, with the season-openers of both the GVA and Superprestige series. And the North Americans do them one better with a three day cyclocross festival in Cincinnati. Three consecutive days of cx racing. Can somebody remind me why we failed to plan a road trip around this?


Gary S said...

"This page is in Indonesian" Nice!

Dallas, I'm coming for you!

Chris, any chance of posting the different teams. That was kind of cool last year.

Good times at Bourkevale today.

Anonymous said...

Gary , I missed you buddy and to fill the void in my life I had a nap with Miley and we raced their.
You won for the record. You passed me on a triple set of barriers right in front of my wife and daughter, ouch.

See you kids next weekend when the queen will be back in town and I can be the deadbeat dad I have always been.

Dallas " My bike is pamed up and I'm ready for the mud." sigurdur