Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TNR Report

We rode some. It involved revisiting the scene of KK's crash. But it was mostly about scouting the course for this weekend's race. It was agreed that the course has some promise, even if we were slightly confused at certain points. Perhaps even more exciting to the FGBC hoi polloi, however, was the promise of food and a live band. You have gotten our attention.

And then Jonny G called, upon completion of his volleyball game. That meant our trip to the forest was aborted, as we made a u-turn and headed down Wellington to meet him. Whereupon he was duly scolded for the way volleyball is once again intruding on the sanctity of the TNR. Something is wrong there. We will fix it.

Over at the klubhaus, where KK and the President joined us, Menno Cross was thoroughly scrutinized. While all agreed that it was awesome, there was almost more enthusiasm for how to go about making it better. This led to a rather long series of reminiscences about some of the highlights of past FGBC events--Burger Cat, the 24 Hour Race, Yerba Cross, and a whole range of rather odd Nordic Cross events. This was particularly helpful for the new folks around the table. There was also talk of this year's Nordic Cross season. The Poosher may have disappeared. But we agreed that we will not let Nordic Cross fall by the wayside. It will be back and better than ever. And finally, some energy was given to conceiving the general parameters of a future event. At this point, however, it must remain top secret. The only thing that can be said is that it will be big. Very big. Stay tuned.

The tunes were merely so-so last night. The Secretary, in particular, raised a question about Steve Miller. He maintained that there was no point listening to that crap in the 70s, let alone now. Nobody was willing to defend the counter-claim.


luke enns said...

boys, i've done it. i got myself a new ride. it's a giant tcx. this day shall be a dawning for me. a genesis if you will. look out B racers, cause i'm gonna turn up the heat.

The Dark Lord said...


g said...


let the good times/700c wheels role.

the secretary said...

wow, I had a fixed soul mate for such a short time... and now it's over... seduced by the gear side.

Brad the Impaler said...

Very nice. Bring it on Maggy!

penner said...


Looking forward to another B racer for the dark side.
I'm out for this weekend but Begium cross and Sounthern cross are written in black sharpie

Anonymous said...

Shucks, Luke. I guess I gotta do the same.

Adam said...

Ah, cyclocross - the crack cocaine of bicycle racing.
Can't wait to see the new ride, Luke. Congrats!