Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It Almost Makes You Want to Turn Fifty

Just so we could do that all over again. Good turnout. Good times. Thank-you Bill for giving us a reason to step it up just a little bit last night.

Given that it was a birthday party, it only seemed appropriate to start with some pre-ride socializing and 50. This gave Jonny G an opportunity to show off his sweet zipper tie. It also gave the Secretary some time to do his weekly mechanical work. It did not, however, allow us enough time to recover the brake pad he somehow lost in his attempt to perform the tricky manouvre of putting his wheel back on. This is where riding fixed comes in especially handy. He was not rendered entirely brakeless.

Once the bikes were all deemed to be sufficiently road worthy, we headed on over to check out the progress of the Pinedale Project. We found the poosher there, cowering in a corner. He was looking a little forlorn at the prospect of all the work that remains to be done. We tried our best to cheer him up. He has made a lot of progress. It all looks very impressive.

From there, it was off to the Forks to explore all the great potential it has for cx racing. Some day it will all come together and there will be a big race there. For that not to happen is simply unjust.

And then, following a brief pause for some tire repair, we arrived at our favourite race venue--the corkscrew parkade--for a short five lap race. One for each decade of Bill's life.

The Secretary, sans brake pad, opted out and instead tackled two roles, serving simultaneously as race director and official photographer. He called for a le mans start, sending us one level down for a short run-up to the start.

The details of how it all played out are a little fuzzy. The Cricket and I enjoyed a little tussle at the head of the pack. He rode shotgun for the first four laps, before taking the lead with a daring downhill move just before we hit the corkscrew for the final ascent. We rode side by side for the first several revolutions. I managed to grab the inside and was able to hold him off for the win.

I believe Jonny G was third and the birthday boy was fourth. But he did manage to win the race to the klubhaus.

There were numerous DNFs. The most dramatic of these was Cousin Thomas, whose second flat of the night resulted in a little road rash. Not an ideal TNR debut. But it was good to have him come out nonetheless.

The post-ride gathering was somewhat truncated on account of our late arrival. But the evening was so lovely it seemed foolish not to enjoy the good weather by riding a little bit longer than normal. It seems July and September have switched places this year. By the time we reached the klubhaus it was close to midnight. Apparently, that was too late for a few others who spent some time waiting around for us before they went home. That is too bad. They missed a good one.


team jonny said...

i double-flatted on my way from school to the klubhaus, and then waited til i was sure that the 50th celebration had just turned into an allnighter.
after about 8 minutes of walking down portage i saw all the bright lights come racing down, but alas i still had too long of a walk ahead of me to turn back once again. but there's still a few of you under 50 yet, i reckon.

g said...

I will see you friday. we are on at 8.


Anonymous said...

Are you collecting for hoodies and dooling them out at kings cross?

It's hoodie time.

Dallas " After the high of a hundie there is an equal low. I'm in the hundie funk right now." Sigurdur

g said...

not bad funk like this though???

that would be terrible.

see you saturday.

The Dark Lord said...

I will bring all the MUERTO stuff on Saturday.