Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The CX Pool is open for business

In the end, we got up to 32 33 teams. [I forgot the Cricket. He's so fast, it's easy to miss him] That is a perfectly sized field for cyclocross.

As you know, the start can be pretty important in a cyclocross race. Vic, Jonny G, and Olli have gotten off to a smoking start and already have a sizeable gap on the rest of the field in the 2009 FGBC CX Pool. Vic and Olli benefitted from the appearance of Swiss national champ Christian Heule in Washington this weekend. He will head back to Europe soon, which is good news for the rest of us. Jonny G got his points with big weekends from Powers, Page, and Sue Butler.

Vic won Starcrossed, the first race of the season, with a 395 point day. Jonny G picked up 350 points for second place, and Olli was third with 330 points. It was Olli's turn to win on Sunday at the Rad Racing GP. He totalled 365 points. Vic was second with 335 points. And the third podium step was shared by Jonny G and LeAnn. They had 300 points each.

Vic is already up to 730 points and sits atop the overall standings. Olli is in second with 695 points. And Jonny G rounds out the podium with 650 points. From there it is quite a long way back to David and Paul who are tied at 535 points.

Two guys named Chris who were both on fire at the end of the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool find themselves in a bit of a tough spot early on. Chris A and Chris O have laid nothing but goose eggs so far. They are tied at the bottom of the pool with zero points each. Fortunately for them, there is a lot of racing left.

Full results here.

Next up is Cross Vegas, under the lights tonight in sin city. Live coverage is available at CX Magazine.

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