Monday, September 21, 2009

Menno Cross

[updated: note the time change for Friday afternoon]

The press release has gone out and the promotional campaign is in full swing.

There is also some work to do. We will be setting up the course on Friday afternoon, starting at 4pm 3pm. Your help in identifying all the best lines would be greatly appreciated.

Most importantly, you need to show up and race on Saturday. All FGBC associates are expected to be there. Yes, even you Matt. And since no race licenses are required for this race, we expect to see the Juan Eppsteins, the Weasels, and the Johnny S's of the FGBC empire as well.

Let us spread the word. Can we get out more people than Altona?

Cyclocross Manitoba has all the details and forms.


mhandsco said...

In in pen. I'm ready to limp around whatever you Mennos throw down.

The Dark Lord said...

That is awesome, Matt. That alone might very well make this the highlight of the season so far.

We will preview the course tomorrow night. Maybe you can do that too. Tuesday Night Rides are lots of fun, especially if you don't crash.

mhandsco said...

What would I know about that?

The Dark Lord said...

You had a good streak going there for a while. It's just that this is the year for crashes, apparently. But you've already had yours. So you are in the clear. It's the rest of us who should probably stay home.