Saturday, September 26, 2009

Menno Cross results are up

For everyone but the kids, at least. That will take a little more time to sort out.

Results here.

It was awesome!

Report to come later.


Gary S said...

Fast with a nice flow like 'cross should be. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Gary, thanks for making me work like a dog then kicking my ass at the end. That's the way I like to race, fighting for my life from the first pedal stroke.

Dave L, man when those jet pack legs of yours went off they really went off. Between the tactician Garry and your power I got worked over.

To everyone who put the race together thanks. There has been some great races this year but menno was on par with the back 40 for standouts. I don't know how much better things can get here.

Dallas" I'm putting scope in my car from now on for after the races." Sigurdur

On my end I got what I wanted . I literally mini puked in my mouth twice
(super gross) so I know I was going all out.

Of and I would like to give BIG Kudos to the super fans out there. Even though I know I'm fighting at the back of the Field the energy you give makes me feel that I'm actually a contender.

that dave said...

awesome course & deep field. looks like cross is maturing in manitoba.

KK said...

Kudos to the FGBC for a great race.

luke enns said...

what a race! it hurt a lot. but what a race!!

luke enns said...

what does category rank mean?