Friday, September 04, 2009

All In the Family

She won a stage at the 2009 FGBC Tour de France Pool. And now Miriam can add a stage win in the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool to her palmares. She had the top two finishers in today's sprint--Bozic and Farrar--and also picked up 40 points from Sammy Sanchez. It all adds up to an impressive 315 point day. Attentive readers will recognize that this is the fourth consecutive stage win by a member of the humble little household that serves as the meeting place for the TNR. That's not a bad little streak. We'll see if we can keep it going.

Second and third place featured another family connection. King Andy took second place with 260 points. And Prince Dan was third. But he had to share the final step with Rachel and Olli. They had 245 points each.

With another strong performance today, Rachel has extended her lead in the overall race. It's now up to 155 points. That's not insurmountable. But let's not let her run away with it, okay. Johnny S has moved into second place. He's been on the podium now for 5 straight days. It's starting to look good for the abest of the ABES. Prince Dan, however, is not intimidated. He sits just 5 points back of Johnny. Those who race against him know that Dan likes to start in the back of the pack. I think it's because he enjoys the look of terror he instills when his prey, sensing his presence, realize they are about to go down. Be afraid, Johnny. The Prince is on your tail and he's looking for his lunch. You might want to go searching for that misplaced apostrophe. You'll need all the help you can get to keep Prince Dan at bay.

Full results here.

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