Monday, September 14, 2009

Perogie Cross

It just keeps getting better and better. Look what just showed up at the FGBC's Dept. of Good Times:

For Immediate Release

Tolstoi - September 14, 2009

On Saturday October 17th, a new exciting cylcocross endurance race concept will be coming to Manitoba. "World Perogie Cross©" is a unique one-day stage race that mixes cylocross, perogies and polka.

"We have been trying to bring this concept to Manitoba for over 10 years, but it is very hard to secure the rights which are owned by a very secretive coalition of Slavic jugernauts with substantial interest in global cycling.

With intense negotiations spanning many years, the organizers are relieved the event can finally go ahead. "We are looking forward to this star-studded peloton including the Fort Garry Club, Red River Racing, Olympia as well as our international riders from the United States and Europe. We are also very happy that our own riders from Powered by PerogieT as presented by the Overnight Slavic Winter Daschau ExperienceT, will get the opportunity to race with the world's best.

This is the team's first opportunity to race, following a rather unfortunate multi-year ban for all its riders. "This is our first real test and a rebirth, for not only our fans, supporters, sponsors and adversaries in the peloton. The peloton will be very surprised to see who shows up on the start line as we have a very formidable team."

The first stage is a gravel road cylocross race involving a unique out-and-back course mixed in with short-course cross racing. Immediate following the first stage, riders will take part in the Perogie Fall Supper, with the third Polka stage to follow at sunset.

Given its' proximity to the Altona Southern Cross , the organizers have secured access to one if its sponsors - the Overnight Slavic Winter Daschau ExperienceT. Following the last stage, riders are encouraged to take part in this unique tourism experience and travel to Altona on Sunday morning.

"This is a great addition to the Powered by Perogie T family, as the Overnight Slavic Winter Daschau ExperienceT brings substantial revenues, amazing infrastructure and an internationally-recognized brand of 6-star accommodations around the globe. Most importantly, it will allow our riders to go on highly specialized 'training camps' in secure remote locations.


Prizes will be awarded in a number of categories along with a leaders jersey, to be presented at the Fall Supper. There is no cost to enter, although each rider must pay for the Fall Supper ($15).

Given the star-studded peloton, riders are asked to provide a one sentence bio for publicity purposes. As well, riders must identify themselves as wishing to participate in the Overnight Slavic Winter Daschau ExperienceT. Lucky recipients being chosen in a lottery format.

Pre-registration is required by October 10th, but riders are encouraged to register early, as the peloton will fill up quickly.

To register:

Vladmiri Yivchinski
Commander of Real Information, Powered by Perogie


PaddyH said...


mike said...

Our teammate Gilles lives in the perogie capital of manitoba- hazelridge- look out folks!
He'll be one to reckon with....

KK said...

Sounds like fun.

Any chance a gimp can compete by eating plates of perogies in lieu of riding?

Unknown said...


You can participate, although you will have to participate in the participate in the 'forth stage.'

You won't forget it.

Send in your registrations kidlets, peloton is filling up quickly!


The Dark Lord said...

I suppose vodka handups would be in order.