Monday, September 14, 2009

Somebody in the FGBC bought a cx bike today

Any guesses?

Hint: this is his first cyclocross bike.

Yes, I know this is the 6th post today. But this kind of news is too exciting to keep quiet about.

Good times on the horizon.


Adam said...

Darryl? Johnny S?

More hints please.

The Dark Lord said...

Nope. And nope. Though hopefully these guys will be next.

Keep guessing.

halloewen said...

hint: think of the kids in the hall song, these are the **** i know

juan eppstein said...

Is it me? Really? Or am I no longer in the FGBC.

Adam said...

Daaavid Johnson, I hardly know him... (awkward pause, drum fill).
I love that song.

KK said...

Nice one, Hal.

Congrats on the new wheels, Dave.