Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rachel's a Survivor

You could be fogiven for missing it, but Rachel is one tough customer. She may not get the fire in her eyes that the Fraggle does. But she does not like to back down from a challenge. And she survived a significant challenge today. With Greipel and Bozic finishing first and third on today's final stage, she gained just enough of a cushion to survive the bonus round onslaught led by Hal and a pair of Chris's. She especially doesn't like to back down from anyone named Chris. You guys never really had a chance. In any case, without those 250 points, Rachel would have seen her lead slip away. But she managed to stay 170 points ahead of Chris A, winning the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool. Hal hung onto his podium spot as well, despite a big late race effort by Chris O. Hal finished 30 points behind Chris A, while Chris O was only 75 points from the podim. And just like he has done in his real racing lately, Craig put in a good effort to wind up finishing fifth overall. All five of those guys finished ahead of Dallas's stacked but illegitimate team. And, yes, Brad ended up with the lanterne rouge. We had seen it coming for a while now. And in the end it wasn't even close. The final gap between him the he and Dallas was over 300 points.

Full results here.

Thanks for playing, everyone. That was fun. And fortunately, there's no post-race hangover this time around. The 2009-10 FGBC CX Pool is already underway. Check back for the first round of results sometime tomorrow.


Campy Only said...

I call for a doping test!! EPO CERA!! :)

co2cycle said...

dang, that was a close one. too bad Horn-dogg crashed out. i'm shooting for a podium placing for the cx game. thanks for your work coordinating this dr.h!

The Dark Lord said...

I thought you had third for a while. But Hal got you on the climbers jersey bonus points. It was interesting to see the standings change after each subsequent category got factored in.