Monday, September 14, 2009


Chris O came close the other day, finishing second to the Cricket on Stage 12. But today it was the other vicarious racer from the Bull City, Jay, who found the top podium step. He picked up points from Boom and Efimkin, finishing with 210 on the day. Jonah was second, with 160 points courtesy of Duque and Velits. The third podium step was rather crowded today, as seven riders tied for third with 150 points each. At the other end of the spectrum, The Impaler continues to suck. He laid another goose egg today, his third in four stages. Over those past four stages he has a grand total of just 5 points. He is now just 25 points away from taking over the lanterne rouge from Dallas. Today, however, he had plenty of company at the bottom of the scrap heap. Eighteen teams--almost half the pool--got shutout today.

In the overall race, we have a new leader. Paul V has finally knocked Halberto off his perch. He never really belonged there anyway. Paul has a 90 point lead over Halberto, with Rachel another 75 points back. Dallas's illegitimate team is in second place, but it doesn't count.

Boom won the real race, as there was seemingly no interest in chasing the breakaway group of 13. Still, Boom looked impressive as he attacked his breakaway companions. I guess the big question right now is whether he will return to cx this season. It would be a shame if he switched over to road racing altogether. There was another Canuck sighting in the top 20. Christian Meier finished 13th.

Full results here.


co2cycle said...

BOOM! The English-accented announcer summed it up during the closing kilometers with something to the effect of "he's getting just a whiff of victory in his nostrils". Brilliant!

Meanwhile, Neils Albert won a real cyclocross race. This could be an exciting season.

The Dark Lord said...

Very exciting. The 2009-10 FGBC CX Pool will be launched in the next couple of days. Don't touch that dial.