Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Seems like the calm before the storm that is cx. There's not a whole lot going on for the next little while. Thank goodness for vicarious racing.

Some are heading out west for XC8 this weekend. Others are going east for one last kick at the (rusty) can over at Ingolf. It will be awesome. Any bets on what Johnny S is going to break this time around?

The next cyclocross race is Sept 19. It will be at Kings Park. Beyond that, we are still waiting for more details. Olli?

But the most important news to highlight is on the vicarious racing front. The Vuelta is on right now and it's starting to heat up. But it won't last forever. This time, however, we won't have to persevere through those 5 weeks of purgatory between races. Just when that post-Vuelta melancholy is about to set in, good times will rebound with the commencement of the 2009-10 FGBC CX Pool.

Like last year, the pool will span both sides of the Atlantic and it will include girls as well as boys. More details coming soon. It kicks off in less than three just over two weeks with Starcrossed in Seattle on Sept. 19 Cross Vegas where, among other things, it sounds like we will be cheering on our very own Fancy Feet Dave P. And it will take us all the way through to the start of the 2010 FGBC Spring Classics Pool. Good times.


Cricket said...

who's off to ingolf, and when? I might be there

The Dark Lord said...

Craig, check your email.

g said...

It would be nice to see a cricket this weekend.