Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stay Away From Rachel

She is on fire. She won her second stage of the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool. And has also taken over the lead on the GC. Which is interesting given that she spent all of 30 seconds choosing her team. She picked up 215 points today on the strength of Greipel's stage win and Bozic's 8th place finish. But it was a close one today. Four teams tied for second with 210 points each: Jonny B, Larry, Mike, and Craig. Adam has moved down to second overall and Johnny S managed to hold off the long list of challengers who are eyeing his spot on the final step of the podium. There are 10 teams within 100 points of third place. And other than Dallas, the gaps are pretty close all the way down.

Speaking of Dallas, I have reinserted his original (i.e., not exactly legit) team into the pool. It will henceforth be referred to as Dallas v.2. It did slightly better than his legit team today, finishing tied for 3rd last instead of dead last. But overall it is doing 415 points better than the legit team. Good enough to be at the upper end of the bottom half of the pool. Interesting.

Full results here.

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Anonymous said...

Is that race still going on?

Good luck to all the riders this weekend in sask. Have a great time and blow some snot bubbles for me.

Dallas " I miss shovelling a cross course pre race." Sigurdur