Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabian is Not Human

Holy crap, what a dominant show of force my boyfriend Fabian put on today at the World TT Championship. He won. That much was expected. But it is not so much that he won, but how he did so that is significant. How did he win? He absolutely destroyed the field, making a number of very strong cyclists look like a bunch of club riders out on a Sunday morning ride. In doing so, he caught and passed two other ITT studs, Larsson and Wiggins, who started out ahead of him. Larsson was fast enough to win the silver medal. But Fabian passed him and left him in the dust. He also coasted into the finish, taking the last several hundred meters to celebrate his win. Which is to say he eased off the gas in the finishing stretch. And yet he still won by almost a minute and a half. Incredible. Last years silver medallist, Svein Tuft, did not manage to crack the top 10. He finished 15th, just ahead of Lars Boom.

Universal Sports was covering it, which means, I think, that you can watch it on demand.


Duece said...

hmmmmmm...Fabian was so awesome it was almost superhuman.

Sorry, but in light of all that's gone on in cycling over the last few years, it's impossible to not feel he may have had help from his doctor. Sucks that the greater the feat in cycling, the less it's likely to be clean. Speaking of clean, notice where Vino placed? boooo-urns, he's a cheat through and through.

The Dark Lord said...

Are you dissing my boyfriend?

Duece said...


no, not really. I can't be too self righteous if I still pick him in for all my fantasy teams. So much for ethics. But in my defense, I'm seriously considering buying only fair trade coffee...

Unless Vino is your boyfriend. In that case, yes, I was dissing him.

Pretty much every amazing feat in cycling has been tainted for me since Floyd's great day in the Tour. Sad, but true. That was such an amazing few days, it still stings that he cheated. Or didn't, if you believe him, which nobody does.

The Dark Lord said...

Whoa! First you start slapping around my boyfriend, and now you're taking shots at the honorary captain. The FGBC counts itself among the believers. The Secretary spoke to his Sunday school teacher, after all.

For the record, Vino is not my boyfriend. But I do like to watch him race.

Olli said...

And the skinny bast...spaniard beat Spartacus in Tour TT. At least Fabian's performance is consistent unlike certain Spanish Tour winners'