Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Olli Doubles Up

Aside from Rachel's two stage wins, we have once again had a string of new winners on each stage--some of them winning a vicarious race for the very first time. But now Olli has gone and become the second double stage winner of the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool. He won the opening stage. And today he won Stage 10 with a 275 point showing. Chris D's 225 points were good enough for second on the stage. And Prince Dan was third, with 175 points.

A number of teams were held scoreless today, including both Dallas's legit team and his non-legit team. He has a big lead in the race for the lanterne rouge. But with Jonny B and Brad the Impaler are also lingering down close to the bottom of the pool, there is still some competition.

Olli's win moves him up to 4th place overall. There is no change to the top three. But Rachel has narrowed the gap between herself and Hal. Apparently she is not afraid of his new-found success.

In the real race, Simon Gerrans won it ahead of our man Ryder Hesjedal. Bummer. No change to the overall.

Full results here.

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Olli said...

I was counting on this guy http://f.postimees.ee/f/2009/09/08/232628t41h48f4.jpg Now he was "dying thousand deaths" on Alto Xorret de Cati. Flat tire in combination with 16% climb kinda suck.