Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TNR Report

"Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" is the final track on Back in Black. Which means it is Brian Johnson, not Bon Scott. Jonny G was right.

Speaking of classics, we revisited an old FGBC favourite for last night's ride. Through Ass. Park to Woodhaven, and along the Sturgeon Creek trail to Saskatchewan Ave. Always a good time. After last week, the balance between riding and standing around has been restored. That's not to say there was no standing around. There was one particularly sweet bridge that begged us to linger beneath it for a while. So we complied, which is about all you can do with a begging bridge. But it was mostly a night for riding. It was noted that some mid-ride refreshments would have made it better, especially since Cousin Adam had a leather rucksack behind his saddle that would have been perfect for toting ale. But it was a sweet ride nonetheless. Happily, there were no broken legs. And no mechanical oddities. The Secretary almost got run over on Saskatchewan Ave. But we all made it back to the klubhaus safely. KK joined us to show off his cast and the new RRR wool jerseys. Cousin Adam promised he would resume his work on the FGBC version. The kids also showed up later. They enthusiatically reported about a cx throwdown they are planning. Cinnamon bun primes, among other treats. Sounds promising. Graham's saddle was deemed the most likely to be stolen. And Vic got all excited about gears. Then he soured the mood with sad tales about poverty stricken children, just as the lights came on and they pushed us out the door.



KK said...

Thanks for getting me out, boys. It was a pleasure to imbibe with friends—just what the mental health practitioner ordered.

I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such a great team (regardless of team colours).

* sniff *

Brad the Impaler said...

Good to see you buddy. Enjoy the Vuelta.

And I know it has become an over used cliche, but I think we all know which club now truly has 'the sweetest jersey in the world'.

You know you want one.

g said...

i'd rather not have my socks and gitch turn pink.

great to see you out kev.

Tim Turenne said...

A'ight! I'm tired of being an outsider, and missing all the beers.