Monday, September 28, 2009

USGP #1 & #2

With all the energy that went into racing for real this weekend, it was easy to forget about the vicarious variety. But there were two more cx races that took place in Madison. Matt crushed the field on Saturday with a 500 point day. Dallas took second with 475 points, while David and Gary each had 400 to tie for third place. On Sunday, it was David's turn. His 455 points was sufficient to lay claim to victory. Mike had 435 points for second, and Matt was third, with 425 points on the day.

As for the overall race, the GC all of a sudden has a new look to it. Vic and Olli, both on the podium since the start, have fallen back to 4th and 6th, respectively. David is our new leader. He has 1780 points. Matt is in second place, just 40 points back. And Dallas has moved up into third, with 1665 points.

Full results here.

We are back at it next weekend. This time with some racing in Europe. The first world cup race of the season is on Sunday.

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