Sunday, September 20, 2009

King's Cross Report

The sweetest jersey in the world was well represented yesterday at the second cx race of the season. We had four in the B race and four more in the A race.

Penner, Vic, Unger, and Charlene raced the B race, where Ian and the Impaler found themselves at the front of the pack early on. The Impaler could not hold that pace and slowly drifted back into the comfort of the middle of the pack.

Ian, on the other hand, only stepped it up. The first time he emerged from the trees, he had a big lead. Eventually, Bill the birthday boy worked his way up, and the two of them engaged in an extended back-and-forth tussle that was a lot of fun to watch.

It was only on the last lap that Bill managed to shake Ian loose to take the win. Not bad for a 50 year old.

As for the FGBC, they all stayed pretty close to one another somewhere in the middle of the field. All three RRR riders--Brad, Chris D, and Larry--were a little further up ahead.

Chris took a page out of the Impaler's book. I don't know what it is with those RRR guys. The bare-chested approach to the barriers isn't any faster. And it's not nearly as sexy as they think it is either. Thankfully, he kept his nip hidden behind the handlebars, unlike the x-rated approach of his less refined teammate.

Penner was the first across the line for the dark side. Every once in a while it looked like his infamous "balance issues" were about to get the better of him.

But he managed to keep the rubber side down all race long and only looked to be getting stronger with each subsequent lap.

Unger was the highlight of the race for the kids who were stationed at the mud bog. He was one of the few to acknowledge their pleas and went straight through a couple of times.

Charlene rode a strong race as well. There is a lot of power in those long legs.

She and Unger were pretty much together for the whole race. They left it all out on the course in a fierce sprint to the line that was too close to tell.

Vic looked to be enjoying himself as well. I'm not sure how the novice race panned out. But he was probably pretty close to the front.

As for the A race, we all knew the Cricket has some hops. But yesterday he kicked it up a notch, hopping himself all the way onto the podium. Along with Olli and Paul B, he treated the spectators to an exciting race. Or at least that's what it sounded like from my vantage point, about a minute back. In the end Craig was third. By all accounts, he looked smooth, fast, and graceful. That is awesome. Keep an eye on that guy. I'm told that I looked much less graceful. That seems right, since I felt like I was going to die. But I did manage hang on to finish fourth again. I even won a little cash for the first time all year. Just enough to pay for pizza and some Little Scrapper. Jonny G eeked his way into the top 10 as well. There were no reports on his gracefulness. But that's a significant improvement on his first race of the season. Now that ultimate is finished and he can focus solely on bike racing, we expect Jonny to continue to improve. The Fraggle didn't have much by way of competition. But she had her hands full with the one competitor who showed up. The Fraggle was second. Now she's mad. And we all know that a mad Fraggle is much faster than a complacent one. Look out.

Charlene took some photos. They will be up later, along with the full results.

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