Wednesday, September 09, 2009

TNR Report

Some did not ride. They claim they are made of sugar. Just as Walter Sobchak doesn't roll on shabbas, sugar fairies do not roll in the rain. They drive minivans. While this activity has aroused the suspicion of the FGBC's HTFU Bureau--especially since it was not, in fact, raining last night--the presence of the four sugar fairies from NK at the F&H nevertheless satisfied the representatives of the Dept. of Regular Attendance. Which is good, since they currently have their hands full trying to figure out what to do about the situation with Juan Eppstein, Colin, and the poosher, among other recent absentees.

Others rode. They are awesome. They were able to sleep well last night, comfortably assured of their awesomeness.

At the klubhaus, we were entertained by the President's tales from the Laddies Loppet Stage Race. Halberto was also eager to extoll the virtues of XC8. Both seem to be worthy of more FGBC presence than they have received. The stage race seems to have the upper hand at the moment. We will see how this plays out.

Details for the wool jersey were finalized. We will go with this one. If you want one, you'd better speak up now. Cousin Adam will be placing the order by the end of the week.

We talked a bit about the annual winter 24 hour race and how awesome it is going to be. Bids for host locations are currently being entertained. We also decided to look into the possibility of renting the indoor go-cart track on some particularly cold winter night for a bike race. Brad the Impaler is in charge of figuring out all the details on that front.

We also talked about this video:

We reminisced about Crowbar and wondered whether we will ever see him again. We also reminisced about the inaugural Red Ass race. This led us to ponder the perplexing matter of what to do about the unrepentent cheaters who have not yet received the comeuppance they are due. The Wheels of Justice volunteered to look into the matter.

There was some discussion about the Lucky 13 CX Throwdown scheduled to take place this Sunday. Some of us can make it and are excited to be there. Others cannot and are filled with regret. Someone who claimed to have inside information claimed that the organizers are currently waffling on whether or not it will actually happen. More information on that score would be appreciated.

The tunes were different: Young MC, Steely Dan, Beastie Boys, Midnight Oil, Stevie Nicks, INXS, among others. No Skynyrd. No ACDC. Wierd.

Once again, Jonny G started off his evening with the pre-TNR appetizer known as the Ass. Park Crit. Once again, he finished 6th. And once again he was pipped at the line by El EspaƱolito. The scoreboard now looks like this:

Note that this score reflects a slight adjustment to RRR's totals. They were 2nd in the TTT, not 3rd as originally reported.


PaddyH said...

stage races are easier, that's why doctors and lawyers race TR, BC BR, etcetera.


The Dark Lord said...

Interesting, since it was the doctors and lawyers last night who seemed most interested in heading to Minnesota next year.

PaddyH said...

actually my comment was a little too point was stage racing tends to attract more white collar than blue...given the steep entry fees...Laddies Loppet really doesn't fit into the same mold at proven by its longevity in the MNSCS...too bad the attempts at this never seemed to stick in MB...

XC8 is mo better though, dif't type of racing though...:>


Tom K said...

Sugar fairies, minivans, HTFU Bureau, riding awesomeness, Loppet tales, the virtues of XC-8, MUERTO shirts, new wool jerseys, 24 Hr winter race (oh yah!), RA300 lore & the Wheels of Justice, hope for more CX throwdowns, Crit exploits, FGD beer and eclectic tunes! ... awesome report ... so much in one little ride and small gathering of "awesomeness"!

My much less entertaining report was filed at 2:57 am this morning after another 90 minutes of MUERTO jersey inspired riding ... post lastcall at the klubhaus:

The Dark Lord said...

You are right Paddy. There are also other factors at play when weighing these two races in particular: proximity to Peg City and races for the kids.

PaddyH said...

kids are in school for what..8 hrs?...xc8 is...8hrs...therefore xc8 is a kid

as long as folks are riding/racing their bikes, that's all that matters


Coach Dave said...

Just ride... or race... it is all goodness :) We actually had a kinda race at Cross Lab... Of course that was racing kids... So I kinda had to wait up a bit every few minutes to let them catch up… But it was fuuuuuun… riding is fun… talking about riding is fun too… Talking and riding takes talent however and often leads to broken bones… So talking after riding is much healthier and prevents many crashes… So TNR, CX, BMX, 8-Hour Enduros, OCX, Cross etc is all riding and all goodness! Oh ya road is good too... just not as good ;)

Lars said...

Glad you recognized RRR's dominant performance at the 4 man TTT - even if it's just a minor footnote on your blog...

Now for the record, I did NOT pip Jonny G at the line last nite (as compared to a week ago). In actual fact, this time he tried to pip ME. But alas, it was not meant to be. While I will acknowledge that if the race were 10 pedal strokes longer he may well have got me, in reality this just means I timed it right.

How will this play out in subsequent crits? Well, I guess we'll have to wait until next year, which will be part of the RRR club challenge 2, eh? Should be interesting.

Luc said...

there will be no waffles.

ps: word ver= sucks.
best ever.