Monday, September 28, 2009

Menno Cross Photo Report

Well done, boys and girls. That was simply awesome. The course kicked ass. And all the people racing and cheering put it over the top.

The results are now finalized. The kids have been included, and the B race rearranged. Licensed and non-licensed are grouped together, as in other license-optional races such as Reach the Beach and the Back 40. The citizens continue to form their own field, as they have all season. See the results here.

After some comic relief from the CMU faculty in the C race, the kids got things started on the right note. All 27 of them!

The B race featured no less than 10 FGBCers, including Matt, Luke, and Cousin Thomas making their season debuts. Check out that patch of darkness to the left. Beautiful.

Cousin Adam got off to a strong start, and looked to be settling in nicely for a high finish.

But he suffered an untimely mechanical in the 2nd last lap. Was it a flat? There were plenty of those going around. Either way, it was a DNF. Penner DNF'd too. It seems his brakes fell apart.

The stone pit was deemed fixie-unfriendly.

However, the Secretary handled the barriers like a pro.

Like Jonny G, Luke managed to smile the whole race long.

Unger and Johnny S stayed pretty close to one another for most of the race. In the end, Johnny pulled away. Must be the new forks.

Charlene, as usual, kicked ass.

And so did Vic.

New recruit, Cousin Thomas, looked good. But he'd look much better if he were wearing the sweetest jersey in the world.

Matt managed to elude the cameral lens during the race. But he was there. Really. His first time out since the crash. You can see him hiding right behind Vic. Welcome back, Matt.

In the A race, Craig once again gave the FGBC faithful something to cheer about. After Daniel's blistering start ended with a puncture, Dylan, Don, Craig, and Olli inherited the lead. The Cricket managed to hang in there all race long. And he did one better than last week, finishing second.

Meanwhile, I seem to be fated to finish fourth. Three races, so far. And three 4th place finishes.

Jonny G was another victim of the flat-inducing sidewalk. Bummer.


penner said...

despite my premature ending (an "endo" on my first lap broke my brake lever) it was grand to watch the FGBC present a strong showing in then A race.

New levers have been ordered and I am looking forward to southern cross!!

well done to the race coordinator!

Adam said...

It was indeed a flat that ended my race (as opposed to that funny noise coming from the crank/bb area that I chose to ignore).
But I was having so much fun that it was too hard to get upset about dnf'ing. What a great course, an awesome event, and an all around super day.

halloewen said...

well done and many congratulations on a great race. the bar keeps getting higher with regards to race organization and course design.

Brad the Impaler said...

A great race and a great time.

mhandsco said...

Woo hoo! RRR thinks I'm a hipster!

(AWESOME course Dr. Just Awesome!)

Anonymous said...

As always I'm off topic but I'd like to throw this out there.

I watched the roads worlds online and have to say Cadel pretty much rocked the house. Ya I know people are use to me bagging on him but the shear amount of effort he put into that ride was sick. His ass barely touched his seat the last 6 minutes!!!!! In fact my legs were burning just watching him smash those pedals into the ground.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you dislike Cadel ( or Levi for that matter but that freaks a lost cause) like I do , watch this years worlds and you will see something you never though possible.

Dallas " I'm a little uncomfortable with my new feelings for Cadel. I hope he puts out a crazy statement so all will be normal again in my life." Sigurdur