Saturday, September 19, 2009

rider down

News travels fast I did infact have a head on collision with a cyclist a few days ago. I was late in meeting a friend; riding a rather wreckless pace on the Stephen Juba path, while a somewhat intoxicated fellow on his supercycle veered into me. Is it not bad enough that I need to avoid "posts" and the like (which have dealt me a blow in the past) now I must avoid moving targets as well.
I suffered a partially separated A/C joint and a bone chip. (A meer boo-boo as compared to KK's fate.) My oponent, in what amounted to this impromptu bike joust, suffered a broken humorous as severely displaced acromium process. this is unconfirmed as I did not stick around that long... he became rather irate as he discovered his injuries and I thought he might just hit me with his good arm! Anyway .....the president:1 drunken bike dude on supercyle:0 I win!!!

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