Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember when Charlene went all apeshit on the guy in our ultimate game that one time?

Maybe not apeshit, exactly. But I mean the time she got a little hot under the collar and refused to back down from some know-it-all ultimate "veteran" who tried to pull a fast one on her with the rules. That was awesome. Probably one of the highlights of this past season. That and how we won the championship plaque. Again. Anyway, that's kind of what she did to the rest of us in the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool today. There are many players in this pool who have way more vicarious racing experience beneath their belts than Charlene does. But she stared them all down today in a fit of victorious rage and showed them that she is, at least for now, to be known as the boss. It has been brewing for some time now, if you think about it. You can't hold back a born winner like this for too long. 155 points and a stage win. Nicely done. Just wait to see what she does at the cyclocross race on Saturday. My team, meanwhile, continued to enjoy its run of good luck. 135 points and another second place for Dr. Divisive. Ian was third on the day with 120 points.

Brad the Impaler did not get shut out today. That is good for him. If he had, he'd find himself holding onto the lanterne rouge. Because Dallas picked up some points as well.

In the overall race, Rachel's lead is still at 190 points. The makeup of the podium, however, has changed. Olli is now in second, with Paul just 5 points back of him. After that, it's Hal, Chris A, and Chris O all clustered together waiting for the right moment to make their move.

No big changes in the real race, as it was a day for the breakaway artists to strut their stuff. Tomorrow looks like it might be interesting though, especially if Sammy Sanchez can shake things up on the technical downhill run-in to the finish as he has been known to do.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

As a sith lord in ultra running I'm now hoping to do my cycling pool apprenticeship under Charlene. I know that a sith lord she is only allowed one apprentice at a time so I hope it's not already taken..

Charlene, please accept my proposal. I promise to do as commanded and will reward you with my never ending ability to suffer.

Dallas " That is unless she's dirty rebel alliance scum." sigurdur

Dallas "

PaddyH said...

I forgot what I was gonna type, thanks Dallas.


co2cycle said...

When was the last Grand Tour where the overall winner, or any of the main contenders, didn't win a single stage? Could it happen this year?