Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Lots going on this weekend. To wit:

1) Friday

They are showing Quicksilver. Yes, it's the one with Kevin Bacon.

2) Sunday

The first cx throwdown of the year is also set to take place on Sunday.

3) Next Saturday is MBCX #2 at Kings Park. Still waiting for more details on that one.

4) And then it's time for Menno Cross.


Brad the Impaler said...

So Lucky 13 is a go then? Excellent. Luc, are you boys serving coffee with those cinnamon buns?

Campy Only said...

Doh.. Provincial Crit is the 13th at the Mint.. I think Im the second race.. maybe I have time to make it back for some cross....

Coach Dave said...

4 pm might let others who are at the crit join later...

Coach Dave said...

I might even get back from Birch by then.

Luc said...

meh, thats why we had the ish.
show up when you show up.
maybe we'll start without you.
maybe not.
we'll see how long building a berm takes.