Friday, September 18, 2009

RRR vs BCC Challenge?

The Bull City Cycling duo of Jay and Chris O tried to storm the podium today. But Chris D managed to hold them off. He wins the stage with a 240 point day. Jay was second with 215 points. And Chris's 175 points were good enough to land him on the final podium step.

Once again, Brad the Impaler did not get shut out. And once again, neither did Dallas. But Dallas did a better job in not getting shut out than Brad did. He gained 30 points on Brad. Which means the battle for the lanterne rouge is now down to just 10 points.

At the front end of the race, Rachel's 190 point lead continues to survive. She is the only team ahead of Dallas's team of inadvertent cheaters. Halberto is back on the podium. He and Paul are currently tied for second place. Chris A is just 10 points behind them, and Chris O is another 5 points back. Olli and the Cricket are right there as well. It looks like it'll go right down to the wire.

Which is more than you can say for the real race. Valverde's victory now looks certain. Sammy Sanchez gave it a try today, but the wet roads looked to hinder his interest in trying anything crazy on the final downhill. He did, however, move up into 2nd place, as Robert Gesink showed he has not fully recovered from his crash a few days back. He lost a lot of time and dropped from 2nd to 6th overall today.

Tomorrow's time trial should be interesting, if only due to the fact that all the time trial specialists have gone home. And then on Sunday it's one more chance for Andre Greipel to show how fast he can finish a sprint.

Full results here.


KK said...

Looks like I'm duking it out with Jonny G yet again. This time I'ma gonna wipe that smile off his face.

Go Duece! Not bad for someone who's over the mid-Pacific right now.


co2cycle said...

the bull is taking charge: