Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Friendliest Jersey in the World

It may not be Wolseley yet, but running into cyclists that you know is becoming a daily occurrence in the northeast part of town too.
When Steve and I ride home from work together, we'll usually take the bike trail between Raleigh and Gateway. Yesterday, after starting off from a light, we noticed that a couple riders had jumped onto our wheels. This won't last long, I thought. We started pushing a pretty good pace, but the shadow beside me wasn't going anywhere, even though Steve can pull pretty fast. After pacelining through a couple street-crossings like this, we finally had to stop at a light. That's when the Poosher tapped me on the shoulder. No wonder we couldn't drop these guys! He and his friend were riding their 29ers out to BHP for the evening.
Then today we were hailed by a fellow on a pretty red Peugeot who turned out to be John Paul! He'd of course noticed the fine colours of the FGBC and marked us as comrades. He joined us for the rest of the ride home, and we heard all about how little riding the Secretary has been doing lately (tsk tsk). Also, it sounds like he's in for Sunday's race, which is awesome.
Maybe it's the nice weather, or maybe the north isn't the cycling backwater of the city anymore, but if you're wearing black, you're in good company these days.


JP said...

Friendly is right. I definitely concur, especially in lieu of my initial comment from behind... I think involving some jovial measure of "hurry up slowpokes..." It was a wonder that I was allowed to ride along seeing as it was my first time meeting either of you. Good times.

And as it turns out Cousin Adam and I both live on the same colored street!

See y'all at the dogfest!

the secretary said...

hey, I'm pictured holding a bike just two posts down. That's almost riding... I'm just working on my doctor of misterism... some of the fgbc'ers are normal misters. The last thing I'd want is to be thought of as a bike thnob.
No question, the jersey is super sweet, even on this mister.

Brad the Impaler said...

All you racers email my inbox.

Unknown said...

tom and i were definately giving it are all to keep up. gotta love gettin back into shape...