Monday, April 12, 2010

Vicarious Hell

I need to find a new boyfriend. Being in love with Fabian is just a little too trendy right now. It's not that I love him any less. I just don't like sharing. Applications will be accepted until the day before the Amstel Gold race.

On the vicarious racing front, Dallas picked up his second win of the season. His was the only team to reach four digits, finishing with 1070 points on the day. He'd fallen back a bit after a strong start to the season. But he's back in podium contention now, sitting just 75 points back of 3rd place. Jonny B continued his impressive run by finishing second with a 960 point day. Tom K rounded out the podium. He finished with 845 points. At the other end of the results sheet, five goose eggs were laid. Chris O, Ian, Paddy, Vic, and Adam all failed to score a single point. Mike and Larry weren't much better. They had 10 and 20 points, respectively.

In the overall race, the top three spots remain unchanged. But the gaps have gotten considerably smaller. The Fraggle had another mediocre day. And this time it actually made a difference in the standings. Jonny B has pulled to within 375 points of the overall lead. This is shaping up nicely for the last week and a half. It may very well come down to the choice of Ardennes me. The Fraggle's fortunes rest on the fragile shoulders of Cadel Evans, while Jonny B elected to go with last year's top points guy in the Ardennes races, King Andy Schleck. Pete remains in third place, 440 points back of Jonny B. Dallas is lurking though. And behind him, Tom, Charlene, Prince Dan, Jonny G, Matt, Hal, and Charlie are all sitting within striking distance of the podium as well.

Full results and standings here.

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