Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Classic?

You want classic? Brad the Impaler embodies classic. It is a rare thing. And not everyone can pull it off. Think of the Ray Bans. And wardrobe malfunctions. You can't imitate that stuff. To be classic in the Impaler's sense of the term is not to refer to oneself or one's races as classic. In other words, the Impaler is exactly what he is. Which is to say he's really an FGBCer at heart. That is why we will be there.

2) Bruxelles

The Olympia crew refers to its race as a "classic." I'm sure it will be awesome anyway. There are rumours of gravel roads with grades upwards of 18% leading up to small village churches. Sounds like the Kapelmuur.

3) If there is one person who might be able to give the Impaler a run for his money, it would be Aiden. We trust he will join us once again at the Spring Ride.

4) On the vicarious racing front, this is a big weekend. Quite possibly the biggest of the year. Except for maybe the weekend that follows. More on all that tomorrow.


Brad the Impaler said...

This race was really Mike's idea. He is more classic than classic itself. However since he has abandoned us for Kenora, I will step in.

I have a number of route options in mind. How much gravel do we want? How much distance do we want?

Brad the Impaler said...
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Brad the Impaler said...

Look for more info on our blog in the next few days.

The Dark Lord said...

I love how you are able to answer your own questions. We will leave it up to you. So long as you remember that it is not wrath cross part II.

KK said...

You shouldn't under-estimate Brad. Epic to Brad is what Mike calls sh*t...and if Mike thinks it's that bad, it's really, really bad.

wv: rootie
could be used as a descriptive for the RRR Classic, or the Menno pronunciation of my mother-in-law's name)

Coach Dave said...

Make it ridiculously insanely stupidly tough.