Wednesday, April 07, 2010

TNR Report

Good turnout. Maybe 14 or 15. Enough, at least, to fill up all the bike racks at the F&H. We got reacquainted with some who haven't shown up in a while. And met some brand new TNRers. The Secretary was there for his first post-Hummelt Hockey ride. And he brought the Puch out of winter storage.

Cousin Adam was on hand to show off his fancy new cx rig. And there were more Joshes than Jonnys. At least until we got to the klubhaus, where Jonny B was waiting inside and one Josh elected not to join us, thereby restoring the balance.

We set off for Fort Whyte. But we didn't get more than 500 metres before Cousin Thomas had a flat.

Good times on the gravel, even if it was dark. We are ready for Sunday.

Back at the klubhaus, there were many sub conversations. But the one that seemed to command everyone's attention was the story of the Cricket's encounter with Johnny Law while out for a ride last weekend. $110 for riding two abreast? It didn't sit right with our legal counsel either. He recommended that it be contested. Contestation. It's so trendy these days. But it seems to make sense in this case. Either way, these brushes with the law are becoming all too frequent. That is not good.

There were plenty of numbers thrown around last night. In addition to 110, I recall hearing the numbers 200, 105, 90, 72, and 2. The number 3 came up a few times as well. And there was also 4, as in the number of Pat Benatar songs worth listening to, at least according to the Impaler. And, as if that wasn't enough, 4 as in the number of kids Cousin Adam will soon have. Yikes. But the most significant number of the evening is the one that is recorded in The Book:

Tunes? On again. J. Geils, Allmans, Zeppelin and more.

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