Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a Little Wimp

That's what the Fraggle yelled out at Jonny B when she roared by him on the Cauberg yesterday. As it turns out, the poor guy didn't stand a chance. His man for the Ardennes classics, Andy Schleck, did not deliver, finishing back in 18th place. Neither did the Fraggle's for that matter. Evans only finished 13th. But with Gilbert and Gasparotto teaming up to bookend the podium on either side of our man Ryder, she took home a truckload of points and pushed her lead back up over 1000 points with only two more races to go.

But Jonny's a solid guy. He will bounce back. Just like the Fraggle's friend Wembly. Most importantly, he is comfortable with losing. That's why it was a no-brainer to welcome him into the FGBC fold for the 2010 campaign. We are counting on him to temper the Fraggle's ferocious appetite for kicking ass.

The Fraggle may have cemented her victory in the 2010 FGBC Spring Classics Pool. But she didn't actually win the race yesterday. That honor would fall to Cousin Adam. With 810 points, he claimed his second consecutive victory, beating the Fraggle by almost 100 points. Too bad he got off to such a mediocre start. After Paris-Roubaix, he was in 21st. Now, in 11th place, he's knocking on the door of the VIP lounge where the top 10 gather to sip Leffes, tell battle stories, and compare their cobble-inflicted contusions. Matt finished third on the day. He had 650 points. Brad and Olli laid the day's goose eggs.

In addition to the Fraggle solidifying her lead over Jonny B, the overall race also saw Pete get turfed from the top three. He dropped down to 5th place. Prince Dan now sits in third overall. And Matt is just 100 points back of him.

Full results and standings here.

We're back at it on Wednesday with Fleche Walonne.

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