Sunday, April 04, 2010

RVV Live

My boyfriend and his buddy Tommeke have 17 seconds. That is awesome. Can they hold on? This should be good.

Under 60 km to go. They just climbed the Eichenberg. Still pretty much together. But for how much longer?

Live coverage options here.


Anonymous said...

58 tidal cove, that's my address.
Come over to my house anytime today and look me in the eyes and tell me that wasn't exciting cycling.

I bonked just watching the race.

Dallas " I need to man up and buy a road bike." Sigurdur

Brad the Impaler said...

Chris, your boyfriend is a stud.

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, we make a good pair.

Olli said...

And I have acquired a somewhat HD copy of the Eurosport broadcast. I promised to get Brad a copy of the Strade Blanche and I could just burn these on one DVD.