Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Battle Royale

It is just around the corner. There will no doubt be some rule tweaking yet. Tweaking the rules is part of the fun. For example, there was some talk at the klubhaus on Tuesday night that, in addition to the usual intramural hostilities, we should launch a campaign that would see the FGBC and RRR jointly take on everybody else. We will see. But the good news is that we will have a scoreboard soon.

2) Vicarious Cobbles

Sunday is going to be a very good day.

How about a preview? Mid-80's American style. Narrated by John Tesh. Yes, John Tesh. With a soundtrack reminiscent of American Flyers. And Uncle Phil looking all Kermit the Reporter.

Finish here.

And, for good measure, how about a pictorial aid?

3) Spring Ride

Only 50 more days until the most exciting pre-ride pit-stop of the season.


KK said...



The Dark Lord said...

Well, uh, that's about all you ever bring up.

KK said...

Actually, you brought it up.

Unless I've had too much to drink, I usually let the belt do its own talking.

Man, I like beer.

The Dark Lord said...

In any case. The guy in the picture giving the knee is actually Jonny G. He's dressed up in RRR kit as a disguise. As you well know, he feels like the BB was stolen from him last year. And he plans to bring it home this year. But not just the butter belt. He wants to win the whole thing again too. The guy on the receiving end? Isn't it clear?

KK said...

As I'd never don the kit depicted by the one on the receiving end, I'm at a loss of who that might be.

We both know the colours of the team that rode the most laps on 21-Nov-09. "Tweaking the rules is part of the fun" (and the M.O. for some).

G in a RRR kit? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

wv: BS

The Dark Lord said...

Or mock 'em.

KK said...

Yeah...or mock 'em.

g said...

or beat em??

Kevin B said...

Man, I better head over to VV to score some new hardware. Carry on with your fun.

The Dark Lord said...

This time make it a crystal pickle dish, please.

KK said...

Make it a size 32 belt, Kevin.

Kevin B said...

Again with the pickles.
You finally got it right, crystal bowls for pickles. Silver trays hold the glass tray for the butter.
You're catching on.
Who would ever serve pickles on a silver tray? Crazy talk.