Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday Morning

We will ride. Out west on road and gravel. The Impaler's efforts last weekend are deserving of a sequel. We will explore some possibilities. This has the added bonus of allowing us to downplay any impression that there is "training" going on in the FGBC, which would only serve to further alienate the Secretary.

Meet at my place, 8am.


the secretary said...

thank you. we are exactly what we are.

Anonymous said...

I would like to formally throw the gauntlet down pre season and challenge 1 Red River rider and 1 fort Garry rider to a season long battle. Points will be acquired at races where two of the three riders were at (ya that's' right when the majority show up the odd man out loses.) cross, mtb, road, alleycat.... whatever.

any takers?

I would also like to ask who is doing the race next week mtb style? I have a sweet new single speed and really want to race it but am not sure anyone will be on mtbs. Ya I know grand beach is coming up but I'm just going to say the obvious, next week will be far harder that GB.

Yep you heard me. In fact if the race lives up to the hype this could be the hardest race of the year.

Dallas " It's easy to talk trash when you don't know how fit you really are." Sigurdur

Adam said...

I have nothing to say, but I couldn't pass up the wv. "Licepold"
I'm in for tomorrow, btw.

Coach Dave said...

Dallas is a decent kind of fellow, so he is not very good at Trash Talk’en, and I can respect him for that. I, however, I am not hampered by such a pedigree. Trash talk’en sounds like... “You guys are fat, slow and lazy, but that’s OK because you are exactly what you are. I could take on the whole lot of ya with one arm tied behind my back. That right, my points against your points. Bring it on!”

Of course, I could not possibly win, but that has never stopped me from trying. Or trash talking, or riding my bike as hard as I can into last place.

Cross-bike for the race unless all the 'slow' guys race their mtbs.