Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vicarious BP

Cousin Adam, the FGBC's VP Road, has won himself a road race, albeit a vicarious one. He placed four riders in the top 30 today, including Gilbert and Freire in the top 10. When all the beans were counted, the number on the ledger underneath Adam's name was 455. Not bad for a race in which many of the big players were absent. Bill and Prince Dan tied for second place. They had 325 points apiece. Goose eggs were laid by Brad, Chris D, Dallas, Hal, Jonny G, Mike, Miriam, and Tom K.

No change to the overall podium. But the Fraggle has extended her lead by 100 points on account of Gilbert getting the better of Freire.

Full results and standings here.

Only three more races to go before the FGBC Spring Classics Pool closes for the season. We have now reached the point where the climbers come out and strut their stuff. The Amstel Gold Race goes down on Sunday. Fleche Wallone follows on Wednesday. And we wrap things up with the final monument of the spring season, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the following Sunday.


PaddyH said...

and only three more races for my team to completely crap the bed...c'mon boys we're 4th last, suck more!!!

Adam said...

Too little, too late, I fear...
But I see that Brad and I are only 5 points apart! Care to make it interesting, Brad?