Thursday, November 11, 2010

Springstein Rundfahrt Report

A good day for a bike ride. Cold, wet, and snowing, with a strong headwind for the first half of the ride. Ironically, we did not actually make it to Springstein. The muddy conditions of the dirt road that was to take us from Springstein back north to the Headingly Grand Trunk Trail convinced us to bypass the town that lent the ride its name. We did, nevertheless, manage to say fart a lot during the 3 hours we spend riding around out in the country. Good times.

KK is awesome. That is a fact. His hot chocolate and waffles at the halfway point put it over the top.

The dogfest was good too. Especially when more of the FGBC showed up. The Fraggle brought platz.


Ryan A said...

3 Cheers for KK! Agreed on high quality of that guy, a better bike mentor could not be asked for! Also cheers for mike and brad representing RRR! Rundfahrt, thus, significantly impacted by RRR.

Brad the Impaler said...

Thanks for hosting the dogfest Dr D, and for the route layout. That is definitely worth doing again. Good times.

The Dark Lord said...

Next time, we race.

Brad the Impaler said...